Prevalence of diabetes mellitus and type of therapy among Iraqi patients aged 20 years and above in Baghdad

  • Nadheema Hammood Hussein, Khetam Habeeb Rasool, Buthainah Mohammed Taha
  • Jumaah Dakel Hussein
Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, HbA1c level and Diabetes therapy


Through a period extended from 6 June, 2018 to 1 February, 2019, 100 Iraqi patients diagnosed clinically with diabetes mellitus were participated they conducted to an Outpatient Clinic in Baghdad. According to age, the lowest diabetes mellitus incidence was among (71-80) years old age group (1%), whereas the highest diabetes mellitus incidence was among (41-50) years old age group (34%). On the other hand, the lowest incidence of diabetes mellitus was among (41-50) kg weight group (3%), whereas the highest incidence was among (81-90) kg weight group (41%) in both males and females (P≤0.05). Our results showed that 26(26%) of patients (males and females) had HbA1c level within the range (11-11.9), followed by 17(17%) of patients within the range (10-10.9). The highest diabetes mellitus patient percentage was used hypoglycemic medicines (tablets) 61(61%), while the percentage of patients that used insulin was 21(21%). From the results most of patients depended on the medicines on the therapy 82(82%) rather that the diet 18(18%) (P≤0.05).


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